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hey guys welcome to our channel we are back with another video

Top 1o things you should never google. Number 10:

Blue Waffle Surmising

something it is not, but there is this disastrous trend of believing something

what everyone believes is like one of a hectic kind. Same goes with blue waffle,

which reckon to be a sexually transmitted disease but turned out to

be a feminine hygiene product that turned a women's downstairs blue. it's still pretty disturbing though.

Number: 9 R. Bud Dwyer R.Bud Dwyer, a Pennsylvanian politician who served as a republican in

the state senate, was summoned to a scandal of bribing and cheating on taxpayers.

Dwyer then called a press conference where he shot himself in the

head which was broadcasted live on TV this is extremely disturbing and

something you cannot un-see.

Number: 8 how does new trypophobia sound don't google it when it does not even link up

to you there at this vague images online that are geared toward making people go

crazy even when you don't have the phobia. Googling it eventually make you

go nuts looking the content which is surely not a healthy idea at all.

Number: 7 lemon party The whole lemon party thing being caught on internet

turned out to be a wily thing to trick people into googling. Want to know what

really it is ? It's just an orgy of very old men. And why ? Get your imagination.

Number: 6 Desire Jennings. The most absurd thing any

person can do for fame in Internet today this woman claimed it made possible for

her to walk forward or speak without an Australian accent

due to her flu the whole thing was proved, to likely be a hoax or the result

of a very insane person but, the video is still kind of haunting.

Number: 5 Puzzle video This puzzling video is as puzzling, that came out at the end of 2015, where a

freakish man in a cloak and a mask with a bizarre pointy nose walking around a

mental hospital is seen. Throughout the video are all these spooky codes,

morse and other types of cryptography that spell out messages about the end of the

world and killing the president. The video is sure to haunt your dreams.

Number: 4 Mr. hands It sounds pretty creepy with the name

about what it might be in real. It's just a video of a man having intercourse with a horse

(Like Seriously?). Or rather, it can be said

as a horse having intercourse with a guy. This is one of the most well-known

that you would regret googling.

Number: 3 Cake farts Some things you shouldn't google because you really, really

don't have to. This video might have the most self explanatory name it possibly could

have so this don't do it, this sounds alluring

to you, in which case, no judgment.

Number: 2 Two girls one cup This is a squander post in internet that everybody searched because of curiosity but in actual it was nothing. (Waste of time).

Lets save you the trouble. It's just two women, a cup and a lot of feces.

Number: 1 Tub girl Basically this is a cousin to Two Girls One Cup. But it's an

awful, twisted cousin to the video, the cousin you lock away and try to forget exists.

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Report Trump Rejected 5 Women Sent to Hotel Room, "We Don't Do That Type of Stuff" Bodyguard Says - Duration: 4:53.

Report: Trump Rejected 5 Women Sent to Hotel Room, �We Don�t Do That Type of Stuff�

Bodyguard Says.


Ever since it was made public by BuzzFeed News in January, there has been plenty of

discussion about the �dossier� compiled by a former British spy on behalf of Democrat-aligned

political opposition research firm, Fusion GPS.

It leveled all sorts of unproven allegations against President Donald Trump.

Trump�s longtime bodyguard and chief of security Keith Schiller was called before

the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday for a four hour, closed door hearing, where

he testified under oath about a number of issues, including the dossier, CNN reported.

Schiller either denied or couldn�t recall any of the accusations put forward in the

dossier, despite repeated and repetitive questions from his congressional interlocutors.

NBC News reported that Schiller explicitly denied one of the more salacious allegations

in the dossier.

It claimed Russian hookers were sent to Trump�s hotel room during a trip to Moscow in 2013,

where they were said to have engaged in certain activities that were caught on tape and held

as blackmail by the Russians.

In Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant, it was claimed that a Russian participant in

the event informed Schiller that he would be sending �five women� to Trump�s room

for his entertainment, but Schiller testified that he rejected that offer.

�We don�t do that type of stuff,� Schiller stated, according to two sources familiar

with his testimony before the committee.

Schiller recalled telling Trump about the offer later in the day and noted how they

both laughed it off as ridiculous.

He testified that Trump went to bed alone that evening with Schiller posted outside

his room for a time before retiring for the night himself.

Though he admitted that he didn�t know if anything had occurred after he had left his

post outside the room, he nevertheless testified under oath that he was confident nothing happened,

certainly nothing involving Russian prostitutes.

Schiller also made sure to note that Trump was always well aware that he could be under

surveillance at any time, and made a habit of warning his associates to always be careful

of what they said and did, particularly in a foreign country.

It was also reported that Schiller testified to his reaction upon first seeing the Russian

prostitute allegation put forward in the dossier, in which he claimed to have stated, �Oh

my God, that�s bullsh**.�

It is worth noting that Schiller�s rejection of the prostitutes is not a new story, but

was first reported by The Daily Caller back in January, shortly after the dossier was

first made public.

At that time, an unnamed adviser to Trump was asked about the contents of the dossier,

particularly about the Russian prostitutes.

That adviser told the reporter that he knew for a fact that the supposed incident never

occurred, and named Russian pop star Emin Alagarov as the individual who sent the women

up to Trump�s room.

Emin was the son of Russian billionaire oligarch Aras Alagarov, who had partnered with Trump

to host the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.

When Schiller received word of Emin�s offer, he flatly rejected it and posted guards outside

Trump�s room to ensure nobody entered.

Based upon Schiller�s testimony, it would appear that he then took over for those guards

at the end of the evening when Trump had gone to bed, alone.

Once again, we see one of the anti-Trump media�s narratives utterly blown out of the water.

They have tried repeatedly to smear Trump as some sort of womanizing sexist, the sort

who would take full advantage of Russian hookers sent to his hotel room.

But unless Trump�s most trusted associate and former chief of security just lied under

oath to Congress, none of that ever happened, and wouldn�t have happened, as �We don�t

do that type of stuff.�

Please share this story on Facebook and Twitter to let everyone know that Keith Schiller just

shot down a big part of the anti-Trump dossier while testifying under oath

to Congress.

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i don't feel so good inc. - Duration: 3:46.

i t s t h e n u t s h a c k

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Sad Multifandom || I Don't Matter - Duration: 1:19.

I know what it's like to see monsters.

And I know that when they're gone...

They never really go away...

You see them when you close your eyes...

see them in your dreams...

It's okay, it's okay. It's just a bad dream.

Shawn... He...

He won't talk...

He can't.

And the doctors say,

he's okay physically... that it's psychological...



He saw something...

Saw something so awful...

So, am I dead?

You killed yourself.

You have changed.

And you tell people it's not a big deal.

You tell people you will work through it.

But, you know you won't.

You can't.

And it scares the hell out of you.

Am I wrong?

What do you want me to say?

It doesn't matter.

I don't matter.

You wanna die...

But I say...

Keep living.

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Successful People DON'T Complain! - Study Motivation - Duration: 11:38.

I'm lucky to know a lot of famous people Bill Gates Warren Buffet the Jack Welch

Larry Page Mark Zuckerberg I know all of them I would like to share with you that

those people the difference between those people and other people they are

always optimistic for the future they never complain they've always tried to

solve the problems of the others and I think where is the opportunity the

opportunity lies always lies in the place where people complain some people

sit there complain you think if I can solve that complaint that's the

opportunity that's what I did don't complain let the other people

complain those people complain those people who still and do not always say

well I don't have think about how you can make things different use your own

brain to think the danger of low expectations

I would rather aim for the stars and not hit them did did not aim at all I would

rather go after it and not get it did not go after it at all I'd rather try

and fail did not try at all I don't want to live with the idea wonder what would

have happened had I done more with my life I'm gonna go for it come hell or

high water I'm going after my destiny touch the neighbors say run you gotta

run after your destiny you can't stroll after your destiny you can't walk after

your destiny you gotta run somebody ha

you gotta run you gotta run you gotta run

you can't just wake up in the morning let me see what's gonna happen today I

don't know what I'm gonna do I don't know what I'm aware don't know what ammo

cuz I don't know where I'm gonna go I just woke up all you should stay in the

bed give the day to somebody who's gone wrong after their destiny give the day

to somebody who has a plan who has a strategy because success is never an

accident and if you don't want it get out of my way because there are some

people who want to do something with their life last thing we have to talk

about is improving your sleep environment and that involves your bed

itself the amount of light in your room the sounds the odors the temperature a

lot of different factors so we're gonna briefly go through a few of them here

and while we do that for each one ask yourself if you could be making any

improvements so first up let's talk about your pillow couple of things about

pillows number one you want to replace yours every couple of years both because

it breaks down over time and gets less supportive but also because every night

you're sleeping on it you're kind of injecting that pillow with lots of dirt

and germs and body odor and stuff that makes it gross which can make it harder

to fall asleep secondly and this was news to me until just recently there are

different kinds of pillows for different kinds of sleepers for example I am a

side sleeper and for years I was just using like the most non supportive awful

pillows until I learned that a side sleeper probably is gonna need a firmer

pillow that has these gussets on the side of it instead of just the two

pieces of fabric that are stapled directly together and after sleeping on

this thing for about a week now I can tell you it is a lot better than the

stuff I was using before when it comes to the temperature in your room cooler

is better and according to the National Sleep Foundation the optimal temperature

range for sleeping is somewhere between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 67 degrees

Fahrenheit the amount of light in your room or should I say lack of light plays

a big role as well because pitch darkness actually plays a big role in

melatonin secretion so if you have a lot of ambient light coming into your room

from like a streetlight outside your apartment you can pick up a blackout

curtain which will basically eliminate that light all together actually got one

right there that I use for filming also if you happen to fall asleep with the TV

on you should probably try to break that habit because well bluelight now if

you're one of those people who thinks that the TV is soothing and they just

can't fall asleep without it there are some sound based alternatives and

actually silence really isn't the optimal solution for all people because

silence is so often inconsistent there's a bump in the night or there's a voice

in the other room or there's somebody's snoring in the same room as you so

having some sound that can block out those inconsistencies can really help

you fall asleep one option you can check out is ambient noise generators which

can generate both white noise which is basically just consistent noise that

sounds a little bit like an air conditioner and ambient noises like rain

and thunder and for me my favorite one is noise lee because you can add as many

as you want you can change the volume of each one and basically create the

perfect mix for you there's also lots of music out there that's good for falling

asleep too i've made a playlist of my own and found several on spotify and

i'll link to those down below but my favorite way to fall asleep is with

audiobooks for me at least there is nothing better to fall asleep to than

spoken word and in fact ever since I discovered audiobooks back when I was

probably 12 or 13 all the way up until I graduated high school and got a roommate

in college I would fall asleep every single night to either Ender's Game by

Orson Scott Card or The Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams and

as a result I have huge swathes of both of those books basically memorize

there's the belief I'd like you to try on I don't need an excuse to feel good

what if I don't need an excuse to feel good I just feel good for no good reason

I would like to say to you say I now notice notice when I first said it you

guys are kind of quiet processing it like I don't need to be a reason to feel

good oh how do I know to feel good some people see that sounds really naive

really most people don't need a reason to feel bad how's it going feel like

crap how come woke up

and people go I understand I understand what if you would somebody said how's it

gonna go I feel so great how come I don't know I just feel good you don't

take that guy to the psychiatrist right there they're manic they're crazy but

somebody else who's depressed and angry and frustrated you think that's totally

normal that's the cultural hypnosis that we've

all been in no matter what country we live in people come to me all the time

and contrast this logo mr. Robbins I don't know what it is

I just feel down all the time why do you think I feel that way so I feel so up

what do you think I feel so up all the time I don't know maybe it's your body

people come up to you call Mr. Robbins I don't know what it is but for some

reason I'm angry all the time do you know what is perhaps at your face see do

we get in habits of using our body our face in a certain way over and over

again yes or no and those produce our emotion once you're in that state you'll

behave in a way that creates more of that emotion when you're angry you'll do

things that make you more angry when you're sad you do things to make you

more sad when you're excited you'll do things make you more excited

how many Follow say I so the secret is to build emotional biceps emotional fitness

by going in these states over and over again the comfort zone is one of the

greatest enemies of human potential and of your potential when people get into a

comfort zone they strive to stay in that comfort zone even if they aren't happy

with their situation often their whole lives pass them by while they're

furnishing and reinforcing their little rut of medium performance you need the

courage to continually move yourself in the direction of your biggest goals and

ambitions you need to be willing to face discomfort in order for you to grow

you need the courage to launch in faith with no guarantees of success

someone was wrote if every obstacle must first be overcome nothing will ever get

done courageous people are those who have a dream and set a goal they make a

plan and they take the first step with no assurances and no guarantees that

their efforts will result in success however if you look upon every step

forward as a learning experience at every setback is a valuable lesson that

has been sent to you to make you stronger and better you will not be

afraid to launch in faith into the unknown you need the courage to risk

failure you need the courage to endure constant setbacks and disappointments

and temporary defeats you need to learn to deal with failure by realizing that

failure is an indispensable prerequisite for success you can't succeed without

failing and failing lots of times remember that wonderful quote from

Thomas J Watson senior the founder of IBM he said if you want to be successful

faster you must double your rate of failure they said success lies on the

far side of failure you know if you're coming from a place of that fear of

inadequacy thinking someone's gonna leave you it often comes from a place of

you're not giving yourself credit you know you do good things but you don't

feel and integrate those in your identity so that you become a stronger

happier healthier adult a lot of people they're actually pretty extraordinary

people but they don't feel extraordinary because all those extraordinary things

that happen they never integrated someone gives them a compliment they're

like yeah yeah whatever they can't hear it it doesn't penetrate

into their identity where they start going you know I'm alright I am good I

can be confident now I've achieved enough I've come far enough I've

survived enough it's about giving yourself credit and remembering your

strengths you come through such difficult things in your life that

you're stronger than you know so why is that so important because you know what

if they do leave you you be fine and that is the hardest thing to

believe you have this fear of jealousy they're gonna leave and I might be

wrecked you won't be wrecked you survived a lot in the past someone's

probably already left you in your life not to be not to be a blame or or making

fun of you it's just true right lots of people walked out on me lots

people left me I've had lots of breakups in my life that happens and I'm still

here I'm still surviving I'm just still pretty annoyingly happy dude you can be

happy with or without anybody or anything you don't need more wealth you

don't need more people you don't need more higher career you don't anything

you can choose in this moment to feel grateful and blessed you can choose to

focus your attention on things that you appreciate to take in the good again and

if you start taking in those good things that you hear about yourself if you

start taking in those good wins those small daily actions that you did we hit

that goal when you got that project done when you did what you're supposed to do

we said something nice and start feeling stronger about yourself you stopped

worrying about other people and you can start to say you know what with or

without somebody I'm fine because you know what that makes you


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10 Things NASA Don't Want You To Know - Duration: 7:14.

• How did a man have sex on the moon without even being an astronaut?

What did the government cover up about the Challenger explosion?

From conspiracy theories that came true to where drinking water comes from, here are

10 things NASA wishes you didn't know about.

10 – Sex on the moon…sort of • In 2002, Thad Roberts was a 25-year-old

intern at NASA.

He worked at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

• And he had the bright idea to steal some moon rocks from his job site.

And not just one or two of them – he stole 17 pounds' worth of moon rocks retrieved

from the Apollo moon missions, and started selling them on the internet.

• But before he put them up for auction, he scattered them out on his bed, and he and

his girlfriend had sex on top of them.

• Roberts went to jail for 100 months, but at least he got to say he was one of the first

two people to sorta-kinda have "sex on the moon."

9 – Weaponized space • The threat of a huge asteroid colliding

with Earth and wiping everything out is very real, and it's one NASA is tasked with creating

a counter-measure for.

• Currently, the best counter-measure they have is right out of a movie – they just

throw some nuclear weapons at it and hope it moves aside.

• But former Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart believes NASA is just using "asteroid protection"

as a front, and that their real aim is simply to put nuclear weapons in space.

• He now runs an organization researching better ways to divert a potentially life-extinguishing


8 – Chinese space race • China has a growing and expanding space


After years of the United States being the leader in space exploration, China appears

set to take over and lead in the future.

• The US is expected to retire the International Space Station in 2024, which will leave China

as the only country with a persistent presence in space.

• China is also on pace to become the first country to explore the dark side of the moon.

• The Chinese space program is still way behind American and European space program,

but they're investing in it heavily, and are learning fast.

At this rate, they'll be the leaders in space exploration within the next decade.

7 – Hacking vulnerabilities • In 2000, NASA was hacked by a 20-year-old

man from New York.

Two of their computers – one of which was used for satellite design and mission analysis

were taken over from miles away.

• So, was the hacking an attempt at uncovering state secrets?


• He used one of the computers to host a chat room with other hackers.

The other he used to collect passwords, steal credit card data, and spam pornographic advertisements.

With the passwords he uncovered, he earned access to another 800 computers.

• He'd gotten away with it for two years before he was caught and punished for it.

6 – Challenger coverup • The Challenger explosion in 1986 is one

of the most infamous events in NASA's history.

• The official story was, for a while, that the shuttle had exploded, and everyone on

the ship was simply vaporized in an instant.

• But that's not what happened.

That explosion probably didn't even cause the cabin to lose pressure.

The Challenger continued to ascend, three miles up into the atmosphere, with the crew

fully conscious, and, most likely, uninjured.

• But the launch was botched, and the shuttle didn't have the momentum to escape Earth's


So it eventually fell into the ocean over the course of two-and-a-half minutes.

• Some of the emergency equipment in the cockpit was manually activated by those on

board, so we know for sure that at least some of the crew survived the initial blast.

It would probably have been better for them if they hadn't.

5 – Space Urine • One of the big problems in space is getting

fresh water.

Humans need water to live, and space doesn't exactly have an abundant supply of it.

• So in 2003, they figured out a better solution than simply shipping water via cargo


They just told the astronauts to drink their own piss.

• A new distillation process takes all forms of wastewater – urine, shower runoff, sweat,

and even lab rat urine – and purifies it until it is drinking water of even purer quality

than what comes out of your tap at home.

• These days, around 93% of all wastewater on spacecraft is reclaimed and reused… except

by Russia.

The Russians still absolutely refuse to drink purified urine.

4 – James Webb telescope cost • The James Webb telescope is the proposed

successor to the nearly 30-year-old Hubble Space Telescope.

• But the process of trying to get the Webb telescope built and launched has been… bumpy,

at least.

It was initially proposed with a lifetime cost of 5 BILLION dollars.

• But now it has an estimated launch date of October 2018, and that figure has been

revised… to 8.7 billion dollars.

• That includes development, launch, and five years of costs related to running the


But there's not really a good explanation as to where that extra three and a half billion

dollars went.

3 – Military Space Shuttle X-37B • In May 2017, the United States Air Force

announced the successful landing of the X-37B, a small, unmanned space shuttle.

• Which is funny, because nobody knew that the X-37B had even taken off… or that it

had been flying in low Earth orbit for about two years.

• The Air Force has two X-37B shuttles, which were developed by Boeing with NASA heat

shielding technology.

They've flown several times since 2010, but what the Air Force plans on actually using

them for is anyone's guess.

2 – Operation Paperclip • Nazis are bad, evil people responsible

for the mass genocide of millions of people.

• But the reason Germany had such success overtaking most of Europe is that they had

some brilliant scientists and highly-advanced weaponry.

• Operation Paperclip is the name given to the United States' scramble to recover

discarded tech and scientists.

In some cases, their history as • Wernher von Braun was the chief developer

of the V-2 rocket, the first-ever ballistic missile.

And he, along with many others, ended up joining NASA as high-ranking officials, some of which

were instrumental in landing on the moon.

1 – Original moon landing tapes missing • And speaking of landing on the moon, NASA

has something to admit.

• Apparently, the original recordings of the moon landing from 1969 have been taped

over, like your parents' wedding video.

• They were apparently part of a batch of 200 thousand video tapes that were erased

and re-used to save money.

• The good news is, digital copies of the recording – which were actually remastered

to look much better – still exist.

But this is fuel to the conspiracy theorists who believe the moon landing

was a hoax.

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Israeli Arabs: What is your message to Palestinians that don't believe in peace? - Duration: 16:01.

Jereys Upper Nazareth

You are a Christian Arab

you grew up with Muslms Jews and Christians

What message would you give Palestinians in the West Bank

or outside the region

who say "Jews and Arabs can't live together"

I can understand them

because they are in a different reality

sometimes imagination is something hard to do

we can't imagine sometimes

but we can work on our imagination

and present some realities

of how

Jews and Arabs can exist in one place together

There are certain conditions that should be

respectful from both sides

to live with each other

Yes, I think I would

tell them that these things exist

Sadly it is not that much

but it does exist

and I prefer that it exists

You are leading to what I wanted to

I know because I heard you say...

It exists in specific places

I know you are critical of what people call coexistence

and shared cities

because it seems a little bullshitty

It is mostly because this thing doesn't really exist

Give me an example of something you think is true coexistence

Jewish-Arab political activism together

from what would replace that exists

Two parties together does exist

You mean Hadash as a political party

For example, yes

Yes, if you like it or not

This party is very concise

We work together for this place to be better for both sides


nobody is going to leave

everybody is stuck here

We need to study how to live with each other

and respect each other's backgrounds and history

what's happened to us here

for both sides

But it does exist, yes it does exist

I hope it will be much better in the future

There are those in places like Ramallah

that say "no, we don't want peace"

On your hand, not every finger is the same

There are people

Ibrahim Arara

everyone has his own situation

in his thoughts

in his thoughts

For us, peace is the best

for all of us

Peace is the best

You say peace

More than peace, what is there?

Peace is good Peace is God

It's a political question but I will ask anyways

Do you believe in peace between Jews and Arabs?

Does that touch on politics, I don't know

Yes, please is not political

Wassim Haifa

You believe in peace however you define it is fine

If you were speaking to Palestinians in the West Bank

who let's say, don't believe in peace

who say "we don't see..." "we don't trust the Jews"

"you can't trust them" "we don't want peace at all"

What is your message as someone

that lives with Jews

what is your message to them?

My message could be

to people like that on both sides (Jews and Arabs)

as long as you haven't met

you shouldn't come to conclusions

That's number one


as long as I don't know their point of view

I should continue and try to understand them

because I am not in their place

for sure they are going through something

that I don't know what exactly

and that applies to both sides

Whether I ask someone Jewish or Arab here

with an extreme opinion

that opinion took shape

in some way

for some reason

because, I don't know

Because of problems they are having

It is not because they are stupid

It is not because they love to hate

so in short, my answer is

have patience, wait

learn a little more

understand what the other went through

and get to know more people


On the other side

Getting to know people is not reading the newspaper

Getting to know people is making friends

it is also not just eating hummus (together) in Jaffa

It means getting to know people

know their problems

what they want, what they love

what they hate, what they wish for

how they live their lives each day

their major problems

their loves, their disappointments

The things that we all have in common

both a Palestinian in Ramallah

an extremist (Jew) in Bnai Brak


We all have...

We all have the same shit in the end

We all suffer from the same pains

more or less

and we all have the same dreams

Same dreams

Yes, in general, to be happy

to love

Ola Arara

I believe that we live

in one place

We live together

I think that we have to deal with that

We have to find

a solution for these things

not only the conflict

We have to take our rights

and you have to get your rights

We don't learn

in our language - In university

Yes, in university

Everything is in Hebrew

This is a small thing

Second thing

you don't feel you are a part

of this place

I don't feel it I don't feel I have an identity

I don't have a flag

I don't feel that

I don't feel anything is connected to me here

Because everything is Zionist and Jewish


You don't identify with the Palestinian flag?

I do

I do

I am not judging

I do identify with them

and this is a problem here

we have to

feel the Jewish state in your own

not my country but my own place

I am in my homeland

and I feel in my state but I am connected to another part

of this country

but they all the time have war

Do you have a solution for that?

How both sides can feel they belong

Treat us as equal

Let's start from this point

that we are equal

to other people

We are not

I don't...

First of all, I don't say I am Israeli

I am not

You can say something from the side I won't film you

Like we are dealing now together

You are Jewish

and I am Muslim

I am Palestinian and you are Israeli

but we are dealing with each other

We have a connection

We have

of equality, we talked about this before

I am not giving you words we actually talked about this before

It's not about the people

It's the government

It's the work of the government

If you could speak to Palestinians in the West Bank

who don't believe that Jews and Arabs can get along

do you have a message?

They have their own thoughts

No, do you have a message to them

because you live with Jews

you study with Jews

Do I have a message to them?

I don't know

Is it possible to live with them?

It is possible they are humans

as humans

but they have their own

their own problems

their own case

We have the same case

but we deal with it in a different way

than them

Do you think they should deal with it in a way closer to your way?


They are not really like us that is why

West Bank Palestinians aren't treated the same way as Israeli Arabs

because they don't have rights

that they don't have the same rights?

They are not facing....

They don't face the same things

You work here at the mall You work with Jews

Do you have Jewish friends?


All my friends are Jews

Mohammad Ramle

So what is your message

to Palestinians over there, in the West Bank

that never met a Jew and they hate Jews

that only hear about war all the time

I don't know what to say to them

Ok, do you think Muslims and Jews can get along?


No, I don't know

Every one...

Every one?

Every one with his own thoughts

But you can, you have friends...

I can

I can

Even if you have different views

I believe in my views

I can get along with anyone

It doesn't matter who

You work with Jews?

Do you have Jewish friends?

Every day. We live with Jews I even married a Russian woman

My wife is Russian

From a Jewish background? - Yes

Yussef and Migdad Kfar Qassem

What is your message to Palestinians on the other side

who say that we cannot get along

We can get along, right?

Of course we can get along

there is no such thing as not getting along

Do you have a message - Of course!

Start living and leave aside the politics

So we can

Of course


Jamil Umm al Fahm

I direct my message to those who say coexistence is impossible

I work here in the Umm al Fahm (art) Gallery

we see a lot of people who show their true will

that coexistence is possible

Jews come here - Yes

killing and fighting isn't the only solution

there is another solution which is to sit at the same table

face to face and talk

we met a lot of people who became interested

in getting to know us

and our job here is to introduce ourselves properly

and not to let go of our heritage and history

and that's why I think it is very important for both sides

to sit at the same table and talk

because there is another way not by killing and harming others

They (Palestinians) say they have been talking for 20 years

and the situation is worse


We wouldn't lose hope

that coexistence is possible

It is possible that we will have coexistence

maybe both sides won't live together

in exactly the same place

but coexistence will be going on between the two sides

What do you mean "not in the same place"?

Meaning an Arab town and a Jewish town

We won't necessarily be next door neighbours

but we will always be together in some way

That's why we won't lose hope

because it could be in the same state

or outside the state

For more infomation >> Israeli Arabs: What is your message to Palestinians that don't believe in peace? - Duration: 16:01.


Why "Brain Hacks" Don't Help | Understanding Creativity with David Eagleman - Duration: 4:13.

David Eagleman: There are many books that exist on creativity and it's about, "hey,

do this," "take a hot shower" or "take a long walk in nature," "be in a pink

room," or something.

What my coauthor Anthony Brandt and I really strove to do here was to figure out what is

below all of that.

What is the basic cognitive software that's running in the human brain that takes ideas

in and smooshes them up and crunches them—and it's like a food processor that's constantly

spitting out new ideas.

The key is that humans are really different from one another, and for one person taking

a hot shower might work and for another person a cold shower.

One person works well in the morning and another person at night.

For one writer they should go and sit in the coffee shop where it's loud, and for another

writer, it works better for them to sit alone in their quiet office and write.

So I suspect there's no single piece of advice that's going to apply to everyone,

and that was our—that's what we wanted to avoid, was that sort of thing.

Instead, we're trying to understand what is it that's special about the human brain

that allows creativity to happen?

Because when you look at us compared to all the other species on the Earth—we have very

similar brains.

I mean, you know, obviously we're cousins with our nearest neighbors and all throughout

the animal kingdom, it's a continuous family tree.

But there's this one species that has gone, that does these incredible—we're in New

York City right now and when I flew in here it's like looking at a motherboard that

has risen from the earth.

And when you fly over a forest it looks the same as it did a million years ago.

So we're running around the planet doing something unbelievable.

You don't have squirrels going to the moon or dogs inventing the internet or cows doing

theater plays for one another or any of the gazillion things that we do.

We're doing something really different, and that's what Anthony and I have really

tried to understand.

So I'm a neuroscientist.

Anthony is a music composer, and we started talking about creativity a while ago, many

years ago, we've been good friends for a long time—And we started realizing that

there were all these very interesting ways which our views came together.

So then we ended up writing this book together.

What's special about the human brain is that we, during the evolution of the cortex,

got a lot more space in between input and output.

So other animals have these much closer together.

So when they get some stimulus they make an essentially reflexive response.

In humans, as the cortex expanded there's a lot more room there, which means that inputs

can come in and sort of percolate around and get stored and get thought about, and then

maybe you make an output or maybe you don't.

And there's one other thing that happened with the expansion of the cortex, which is

that we got a much bigger prefrontal cortex.

That's the part right behind the forehead.

And that is what allows us to simulate what ifs, to separate ourselves from our location

in space and time and think about possibilities.

"What if I did that?

What if I had done that?

What if I could do that?"

And so we do this all the time.

The amazing part is now there are almost eight billion brains running around the planet and

as a result creativity—I mean the creativity of our species—has gone up in this amazing

way, because there's so much raw material to draw on and there are so many of us that

are constantly saying "well what if this, what if that?"

Most of the things we generate stink.

And, in fact, only some fraction of them even percolate up to consciousness.

And of those most of those stink.

But every once in a while you have one that works, that actually sticks for your society,

for your moment in space and time, and you make the next step.

And so what's happening now is we've got this massively bootstrapping society going

on around us.

For more infomation >> Why "Brain Hacks" Don't Help | Understanding Creativity with David Eagleman - Duration: 4:13.


Tiffany Fisher Artist Presents: Cyberbullying Prevention - DON'T BE A BULLY - Duration: 2:04.


- Hello I would like to talk to you about cyberbullying.

Cyber bullying: A form of bullying or harassment that happens around the internet.

Examples of cyberbullying include rude text messages, tweets, and rumors posted on social media.

What cyber bullying effects, like all forms causes emotional and physical stress.

- SNOWBALL: Agreed.

- Okay, let me tell you how to deal with a cyber bully.

First, know that it is NOT your fault.

But if someone is repeatedly cruel to you, that's considered bullying.

No one deserves to be treated badly.

- MADISON: Can I go next, Mommy?

- TIFFANY: Of course you can, Madison!

- YAAY! Okay, I'm going to remind everybody (even mean teens and kids too) to not be bullying somebody.

Bullying is rude and mean. DON'T DO IT.

- I totally agree with Madison!

Don't be a bully. If someone bullies you, ALWAYS stand up for that person.

Let's help stop cyber bullying!

- MADISON: And if someone bullies you, ignore them, block them, and report them.

- I agree with Madison and Tiffany. Let's prevent bullying from happening in the future.

- Thanks, Snowball and Madison. Remember kids, stay away from bullies, and they won't bother you again.


For more infomation >> Tiffany Fisher Artist Presents: Cyberbullying Prevention - DON'T BE A BULLY - Duration: 2:04.


Subway Surfers- Don't Let The Police Catch Me!- #1 - Duration: 8:11.

For more infomation >> Subway Surfers- Don't Let The Police Catch Me!- #1 - Duration: 8:11.


Did The Weeknd Shade Ex Selena Gomez In New Message? 'Don't Fall In Love - Duration: 3:16.

Did The Weeknd Shade Ex Selena Gomez In New Message? 'Don't Fall In Love, That S*** Is Pointless'

Uh-oh! Is The Weeknd taking a shot at Selena Gomez with a new post?! The crooner posted a clip that has fans convinced hes referencing his breakup! Heres all the juicy details!.

In love, theres always winners and losers. Which is why, as exciting and enthralling as it is to see Justin Bieber, 23, and Selena Gomez, 25, back together, its rough to imagine what The Weeknd, 27, is going through.

Which brings us to his latest Instagram story. The Starboy singer shared a brief clip of a treeline at night as his track Tell Your Friends plays.

The lyrics include: They told me not to fall in love, that sh*t is pointless. Is he subtly lashing out at Selena?! See more pics of Justin and Selena together right here.

This shady-looking post comes just one day after Sel liked a photo of The Weeknds (real name Abel Tesfaye), driving fans into a frenzy.

The songstress liked a photo featuring Abel wishing his pal French Montana, 33, a happy birthday during a night of fun. Afterward, fans were pretty divided over what the gesture could mean.

And many were pretty angry with Selena for choosing to subtly reach out to her ex that way! Selena get your sh*t together you can't have both," one wrote. You get our feelings mixed up..

As for Justin and Selenas newfound romance, were hearing that shes been truly impressed by his commitment to avoiding all the mistakes theyve made in the past this time around! "Selena is blown away by Justin's new integrity," a source previously told EXCLUSIVELY.

"Since they've reunited, Justin now keeps every promise he makes, and is doing everything he says he is going to do. Selena feels secure in their relationship because he is making it easy for her to trust him completely." Wow!.

HollywoodLifers, what do YOU think? Is Abel taking a subtle shot at his ex? Let us know in the comments section below!.

For more infomation >> Did The Weeknd Shade Ex Selena Gomez In New Message? 'Don't Fall In Love - Duration: 3:16.


[Recitation Play] Folk tale of Fukui "Don't say - stone statue" - Duration: 3:40.

Here is a special guest.

"Don't say - stone statue"

Once upon a time, there was an old man in a village.

He had a bad habit.

During the daytime, he works in the fields very hard

but in the evening, he sometimes slips into someone's house

and steals rice.

At the evening, he shouldered rice that he stolen,

came to the stone statue at the edge of the village

and took a little rest.

Then a couple of people came this way talking from over there

Oh, someone is coming.

I have to hide now.

Where should I hide? I will hide here.

And he hid with rice behind the stone statue.


They bowed to the stone statue and passed by.

That's a relief. Good!

The thief is shouldering rice and said to the stone statue.

Mr. Statue,

please don't tell anyone

as always

that I am doing

such a bad thing.

And then, surprisingly,

it said "I am a stone statue

as you can see.

I don't tell anyone.

You, don't tell anyone."

So the thief was shocked and ran back in a rush.

The next day,

he felt creepy

so he said to every person he met

"Everybody listen!The stone statue, the stone statue spoke!"

He said

"The stone statue spoke."

Don't be foolish.

A stone statue cannot speak.

Everybody ignores him.

It's true! He really spoke.

He did speak!

He said so seriously,

so everybody asked him

"What did the stone statue say?"

And the thief said all about that night's event.

So all of his previous wrongs were found out.

You can do no wrong.

It is a good example of

"Though a lie be well drest, it is ever overcome. "

Since then,

this stone statue came to be called "Don't say – stone statue".

For more infomation >> [Recitation Play] Folk tale of Fukui "Don't say - stone statue" - Duration: 3:40.


Georges St-Pierre's latest comments don't bode well for Robert Whittaker - Duration: 2:59.

Georges St-Pierre's latest comments don't bode well for Robert Whittaker

Canadian St-Pierre reached the summit of the middleweight division last weekend in the main event of UFC 217. St-Pierre, 36, bagged his fourth UFC title with a third-round technical submission victory over Britains Michael Bisping.

Prior to the bout, many were of the belief that if St-Pierre was successful in his pursuit of middleweight, he would immediately vacate the 185lbs title in order to pursue more big fights.

At the UFC 217 post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White was adamant that St-Pierres next fight would be a middleweight title unification fight against interim 185lbs champion Robert Whittaker.

"It's gonna be [Robert] Whittaker," White said when asked who St-Pierre would face next.

"He's staying at 185 pounds." St-Pierre discussed his next move during a conference call on Thursday afternoon and hinted that a fight with Whittaker, which a few weeks ago he claimed was written into his contract, isnt a dead cert.

"Right now, my contract is written that I have to fight Robert Whittaker, but a lot of things can happen in MMA, you see things change all the time" Georges St-Pierre, UFC middleweight champion "I don't have any intention of making the (middleweight) guys lose their time," St-Pierre said.

I'm gonna go on vacation next week (then talk to the UFC). Right now, my contract is written that I have to fight Robert Whittaker, but a lot of things can happen in MMA, you see things change all the time.".

"I dont plan to hold the title and not defend it. Im not going to do that when there is other guys in line," St-Pierre added.

"I always take one fight at a time. I want to do something to make history, to do something in the sport that has never been done before.

Thats my goal, to raise the bar, to do something new. Thats what motivates me.".

For more infomation >> Georges St-Pierre's latest comments don't bode well for Robert Whittaker - Duration: 2:59.


Liam Smith vs Liam Williams 2: Why boxers don't like each other - Duration: 2:54.

Liam Smith vs Liam Williams 2: Why boxers don't like each other

And their animosity towards each other has increased in the build-up to their eagerly-awaited rematch at Newcastle Arena tonight.

Both suffered cut eyes in their first meeting back in April with British champ Williams retiring at the end of the ninth in controversial circumstances when Smith appeared to open up the gash with his head.

Since then, both fighters have argued fiercely, with Williams insisting that Smith should have been disqualified for a headbutt. Smith, though, claims the injury wasn't that serious and Williams could and should have carried on. Scouser Smith said: "He chose to quit.

"He says he was winning so why did he pull out with a cut with just nine minutes left? He is saying he wasn't fading – if so, he would have p****d the last nine minutes.

So why would he let a cut pull him out?.

"He chose to quit" Liam Smith "If you put us in one room, I guarantee I will be the one to come out of that door. "I would be the last one standing.

His quitting on his stool proved that to me." Williams is still bitter about the outcome of the interim WBO title bout. He said: "The final butt was deliberate.

Heads had been bumping all night and I believe one million per cent that Smith should have been disqualified.

"I felt very let down by referee Terry O'Connor who, I feel, robbed me of my unbeaten record and the chance to become world champion.".

Smith received plenty of criticism for his performance and says he will give his detractors the perfect answer tonight.

He said: "To those people who slagged me or don't fancy me because of the first fight, they can't knock me on one bad performance. "I know I have a point to prove to the knockers in Newcastle.

Believe me, I will show them all and make them all eat the words." Smith v Williams 2 will be screened live on BoxNation and BT Sport tonight.

For more infomation >> Liam Smith vs Liam Williams 2: Why boxers don't like each other - Duration: 2:54.


vr don't knock twice part 2 gameplay horror - Duration: 10:55.

holy crap hello youtube and welcome back to the

Robbie Bobbie channel I am your host Robbie Robbie and today we are going to

be playing part deux I don't know what it is lightly I am getting a bit of the

motion sickness the longer I play VR so I try not to spend that long on it

you play oh yeah we are differently back into VR world and I really hate these

games anyway as you can see I made a slight modification so yeah I'm telling

you if you lift you're alright I'm telling you if you lift your forehead up

and put pressure on it you have got better perfect vision so

I'm gonna be walking around like this for the rest the evening okay so this

blood they're scary pincers scary picture there once someone was sighted

okay I think I've lost my candlestick well there we go hello fantastic let's

go and venture off into the unknown oh did you see that

I'm already getting scared why are you so slow

I don't get you oh well that's just nuts not clever oh it's just cuz it okay Oh

Russian doll one of them Russian thingamajigs oh I didn't mean to break

it I'm completely sorry okay where we go

there's blood upstairs and I think we have to investigate the blood of a

smeared hand that is always a good sign to continue up the stairs without

leaving the house off with a bit of a book oh man I spat Oh God flippin heck

yes that is right whenever there's a ghost I will spit holy crap I'm stuck

mm-hmm flippin heck what don't you dare oh no no no no no no no no no no oh

flippin heck no you are not doing that no no no no no no no no no you don't get

to breathe in my ear Oh slipping it okay

oh it's tart yes what what do you want Chloe what the bleep is going on listen

your language is insulting and

is someone else here yeah thank do you think I supposed to break those oh holy

crap did you not see that I'm putting on light I don't Oh

what is going on

move real slow I this is as fast as I can go in there she's mine you can have

her you could seriously have her she's yours you're right it's gone you can

have her hello you can have her I I don't want

her anymore you can I can marry someone else and we can grow old together have

lots of kids and it doesn't have to be Chloe whatsoever and there why is there

a big church cathedral door in a house I don't know okay

this is just oh no oh no are you nah if this is like there's this one there this

did the VR experience is good and everything but you can't really control

much it's what the heck was that

we're stepping a circle No well hello is that Chloe named a

building boom okay that's Chloe okay so no hang on I'm sorry I'm doing

everything but I need to okay from jessica web water from the well to

cleanse so of the innocent she devours well well that's very comforting

Chloe I step out into the circle now

oh the statue

whoa that's her isn't it that's gotta be her that so why am i walking up towards

it I don't know curiosity killed the cat no oh I don't know what to think about

this mmm let's read sit down and read a book Jessie's diary it's fucked up in

the past few days Khloe hates me and I don't blame her I'm trying to make it up

to her trying to make her see look what's up freakin fudge frickles I don't

wonder what passed that statute

or any of them why do I walk so slow I want to run that Creek you are pizza

hey where did Pizza what the frickin hey stop calling me Chloe what okay I do

mean why why are you doing this to me I wish you were dead

don't say that Chloe Chloe you just had you just saw me outside while you were

attacked in the house how what am i doing to you there's wind there's pizza

I know I want to take my chances with the pizza thank you very much

I'm out of here I just want to put the pizza in the microwave lady pepperoni

and cheese holy crap there was a baby

flippin sure there was a baby did you guys see that I'm gonna see it again huh

where's a baby right there where are you you little Sabine now I can't move

why can't we be friends why can't we be friends

I am sorry too because it's PR you see what I see it and I got scared of that

baby I just flew off the headset I don't need to tell you guys because you guys

say so okay baby Chloe I stopped oh man I don't like this game at all and I mean

I'm serious man this is just this isn't right

okay guys if you enjoyed that video please let me know

I didn't I'm getting a bit too now I don't know I don't even know if I want

to upload this video I just that nah it's just getting too supernatural for

me and I just that baby was just absolutely nah no no

okay guys let me know if you want to watch more you're probably gonna want to

watch more but yeah until the next time wrong about

me signing it

For more infomation >> vr don't knock twice part 2 gameplay horror - Duration: 10:55.


都市及恐怖傳說系列 ep.12 Don't Look Away(翻譯影片、CC字幕) - Duration: 8:20.

For more infomation >> 都市及恐怖傳說系列 ep.12 Don't Look Away(翻譯影片、CC字幕) - Duration: 8:20.


Don's Giving Story - Duration: 0:49.

My name is Don Amorosi I served in the submarine service, I hate to say this, but from 1963-1969.

I've been involved with Vietnam veterans for in the neighborhood of 40 years.

Often times scholarships are available to returning veterans when in fact, the needs

often times are more in the line of what do we do with our children?

What are they going to have when they grow up?

My feeling, our feeling is that absolutely the most precious resource in the United States

is our kids.

And with that is a focus - what better to do than to try to provide for their future.

And that's what this is all about

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